Let's find more readers that brings us together

Atreads helps you connect with reader's, writer's & communites of people who share your idea's. connecting with your friends & family as well as discovering new ones is easy with features like Groups, Watch & Marketplace.

Who We Are

Atreads is a startup networking site for readers & writers. Our mission is to create better readers. Atreads began in founder Razib Paul Post office in 2018 and was officially launched on December 12, 2019.

A Few Things You Can Do On Atreads.

Express Yourself

Atreads is your library. Post article, Photos, GIPS, Videos, Voice Note,anything. Make your own GIFs. Cover them in stickers and text, if you like. Sell your new or used books.

Be yourself.

Look however you want, customize your Atreads color fonts, layout, everything.

Connect with your readers

Join millions of readers in millions of communities across millions of #tags. See something you love? write it to your Atreads marketplace and start a conversation. Or just lurk, if you’re feeling shy. No big deal. Come on in.

For Reading Group

You will find free offers for reading group. Simply login and post your feedback.  A big thank you to the publishers who make all our reading group offers possible!

Benefits of Claiming Your Profile Page

  1. Manage Your Profile
  2. Promote your books
  3. Interact with Readers

Atreads is a community for book lovers, and we welcome both readers and authors. 
There are many ways Atreads Authors can participate to support our community and 
spread the word about their books. 
Our Author Guidelines are designed to help you have the best possible experience on 
Atreads. If you have any questions about using Atreads, you're always welcome to
 send us an email. You can also read our FAQ for authors.

It's important to keep in mind that the Atreads Author Page is intended to be used 
in a professional capacity. The community perceives you as a public figure, and we 
expect you to act professionally.

Every person is different, environment is different, thoughts are different. We want to bring everyone under one umbrella, to build a family of millions of book lover's. We will build a friendship and a huge network between you."Atreads" will be your family. We will create a friendship and network between you.You all know each other well, you know, there will be friendships - take some time for that. Friendships are not made in a hurry, friendship requires faith and the same purpose, honesty and mentality - whatever you have and it will grow more effectively. And the basis of the relationship will be win-win.Showcase / display your books through this group and around the world that will be within this network. It will be easier for you to increase the sales of books or services. You are each buyer and seller.

The goal of atreads is to share and expand knowledge around the world. The vast body of knowledge that can be valuable to many people is now only available to a few people to either locked in people's heads, or only a select few can enjoy it.

We want to connect knowledgeable people with people who need knowledge, bringing together like-minded people with different perspectives to enable them to better understand each other, and to share their knowledge for the good of the rest of the world.