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Hello visitor, Welcome to Atreads.com is an open platform for anyone to practice English like a language and develop their level of proficiency in English writing and have a better career and better life. Which is why, our slogan is “Learn English to Change life & To Be Better Person.” People of any age or any educational background-school , college, university, business person, job holder, etc.- can come to this group and learn English writing. One can write on any topic as long as it is not controversial or offending according to our social norm. Search Atreads.com is free. We do not charge money to anyone. At Atreads we strive to develop skilled English writers. So why English writing? Writing in any language- be it Bangla or English- is very difficult. Writing also requires one to use more than one skill sets- reading, listening, and speaking. In order to write on any topic, the writer has to collect information from books, newspapers, internet etc. He or she might have to talk with different people to collect information. Being a mono-lingual country, scope of speaking English is very limited in Bangladesh. However, demand of good English writers is everywhere. A person with good English writing skills will get quick promotions in his/her job. These days, freelance outsourcing has become popular in our country. In order to become a better freelance outsource person, one must have good English reading and writing skill. Finally, with the arrival of e-Commerce in our country, demand of skilled English content writer only went up. In such a situation, we believe that our platform will be able to create a group of people who have good skill in English writing. This Website is an initiative of Atreads Limited, a Successful Startup Company of Bangladesh.

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 ``TO BE GOOD MAN" Our mission is day by day create book readers.

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