Five different Diablo IV Gold classes that can be played have been revealed so far, and they all represent variants of earlier games. Since each game has brought something new to the table maybe Tyrael might become a hand in the battle in the battle, helping to balance the sides by offering players the ability to be transformed into angels or demon powers in exchange for duties to Sanctuary. This kind of strategy is likely to be similar to the multi-tree expansion that was previously in the game.

It's not likely that Blizzard plans to create Angels as well as Demons into classes, considering that the series focuses on characters caught between their way. In reality, though, as the only mortal stuck between Heaven and Hell Tyrael has the most unique position in all of Diablo story. He is more likely to be acting as a balancer throughout the story, and maybe even an impartial voice, rather than taking sides as he once did. Even when forced to take positions, Tyrael understands what is important to mortals and that's why he'll most likely take part in the events of Diablo 4.

The way Blizzard speccifies your character's spec in Diablo 4 is a blend of the Studio's approach to Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. As executive producer and head of the Diablo franchise Rod Fergusson put it, "Diablo 2 felt like you were locking into the game; you could change your spec every time you faced a challenge. But in D3, you sort of changed your look like you would change your clothes. Everything was gear-based as opposed to skill-based."Fergusson added, "I think the fact that we have skills on the equipment [in Diablo 4] is really nice for experimentation -- as a sorceress I [might] get Blizzard [on a pair of boots] three levels before I should and I can try Blizzard to see if I actually want it."

The game's director Joe Shely told Polygon in an interview with a roundtable that "having your character feel like a compilation of choices that you made leads to really intriguing decisions, or at the very least interesting opportunities."Shely declared she believes that the buy Diablo IV Gold crew is mindful that new players especially at the beginning of their journey, will not be able to fully comprehend the character's set of abilities. They will be looking to test their skills.